11. The next step is to connect your Ordering App to your Device. You can use any Android App or Android Phone. Click on the Receive Orders button. It will ask if you want to install the app, and you just click Next. Then select either Smartphone or Tablet. We highly recommend using a Tablet or buying a Tablet, for Premium Package this will already be included. Next please enter your Smartphone Telephone Number or Email Address and we will send you the link to download the App.
12. The next step is to set up the Menu. Please take your time and explore the controls and options before moving onto the next steps. You can add multiple categories and items to your menu within clicks. On the right hand side you can also add options and choices. If you click on the Theme Pictures you can also change them or upload your own. However, if you are unclear on what to do, click the “Show Me” on the top of the page and there will be instructions that explain clearly.
13. This is completely optional, you can choose whether or not to Activate the Alert Call. This is useful in the event you were unable to Accept or Decline the order within the 3 minute time frame, but generally this is not necessary. We usually keep this deactivated for our Premium Package users. You can input your number and get an alert in the event you have missed your order.