14. You can choose to Install the Button onto Facebook. This is a great feature and highly recommended. Your customers will be able to click a button on your Facebook page and order from there rather than having to go to your website. If you wish to install this feature, please follow the Instructions in the admin dashboard.
15. Choose whether or not you would like to purchase a Sales Optimised Website for an extra monthly fee. This Website is different to what is offered in the Premium Package. In the Premium Package you will get a more personalised and efficient website which will allow you to attract more customers. Plus also the DDS Protection, 99.95% uptimes and many more features.
16. Please choose whether or not you would like to publish the ordering system button onto your own website (if it already exists). If you already have your own website, this step will generate a HTML code so that you can integrate the button onto your website. The button can allow customers to order through your own website.
Simply enter the URL of your website, and click on “Next”. It will then ask you to send an Email to the Webmaster or do it yourself. Click on “I’ll do it myself” and then a page will pop up with the HTML code. Insert this code into your own Personal Website, WIX or WORDPRESS.
17. In this section, you can activate the Mobile Apps for your Business. This can be done but it is not necessary as the Online Ordering System is already Mobile-Friendly. However, if it is something you wish to activate, you will need to pay extra fees every month for this feature.